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TPA implement

This service is aimed at all employers who seek assistance in researching, setting up and costing a suitable Workplace Pension Scheme.
The service can be taken as a standalone solution or it can be combined with one of our ongoing services.
TPA will agree a plan with you and, in liaison with your payroll function, manage the whole process all the way through to registering the scheme with The Pension Regulator. If bought as a standalone service, we will then hand over the ongoing scheme management and compliance to you or your payroll function. TPAimplement is not purely a consultancy service; we do it for you.

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Ongoing Services

TPA govern

Our TPAgovern solution is designed for those employers who want to fully outsource the scheme implementation and ongoing Auto-Enrolment governance duties to a professional third party.
TPA will support your payroll function and will use your payroll data to assess your workforce, calculate pension contributions, manage postponement, deal with opt-outs and opt-ins and issue all worker communications. We will maintain an audit trail to demonstrate your regulatory compliance.

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TPA assist

This service uses a clever piece of software that integrates with your payroll and is specifically aimed at employers (or their payroll provider) who want to fully manage Workplace Pension ongoing compliance themselves but who seek the comfort of knowing that professional help is on hand when needed.
Under TPAassist, we provide email and telephone support to both employers and payroll professionals.
TPAassist can be purchased alongside TPAimplement or, for those employers who want to set up their own scheme or already have a Workplace Pension Scheme in place, it can be purchased as standalone ongoing governance service to minimise time and provide a compliant audit trail.

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Workplace Pensions

Workplace Pensions

Automatic Enrolment

Automatic Enrolment

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